Jan 31, 2022

Tinau rural municipality is situated in the southern part of the Palpa district. Adjoining areas of VDCs such as Kachal, dobhan, Koldada and Masyaam, were combined in Tinau rural municipality. The Rural municipality has total area of 202 square kilometres and is divided into 6 wards. Mathagadhi rural municipality lies in the east of Tinau rural municipality. Similarly, this rural municipality is surrounded by Rainadevi Chhahara rural municipality in the west, Tansen municipality and Ribdikot rural municipality in the north and Rupandehi district in the south. The geography of this rural municipality is composed of steep slopes and high mountain. Tinau rural municipality has the total population of the municipality is 19085 consisting male population 8814 and female population of 10271 according to the population census of Nepal 2011. There are 3888 households in Tinau rural municipality.

The name of this rural municipality is based upon the name of Tinau River. The local unit is inhabited by approx. 75% Magar, 12% Dalit, Bahun, Chhetri, Newar, Gurung, Kumal, Thakali collectively are 13%. Thuliudang, Hattilake, Satyawati Lake, Suketal, Jitgadhi, Nuwakot, Ramapithicas Park, Siddhababa Temple etc. are the major tourist as well as historic places lies in this rural municipality. The main source of income of this rural municipality is agriculture, livestock, private/government job & foreign employment. In these days people also engaged in harvesting many cash crops like vegetables, mushroom, livestock, etc. Festivals like Dashain, Tihar, Magheshakranti, Ramnawami, Chaitedashain, Baishakha Purnima, Teej, Janaipurnimaetc are celebrated in this rural municipality.

Mr. Om Bahadur Garti magar and Mrs. Damanti Thapa are the chairman and vice chairman of the Tinau rural municipality. The rural municipality office is situated in Dobhan, Palpa.