Thantikandh rural municipality is situated in the northern part of the Dailekh district. VDCs such as Lakandra, Bishala, and Tolijaisi, were combined in Thantikandh rural municipality. The Rural municipality has total area of 88.21 square kilo meter and is divided into 6 wards. Chamunda Bindrasaini municipality lies in the east of Thantikandh rural municipality. Similarly, this rural municipality is surrounded by Aathbis municipality in the west, Kalikot district in the north and Aathbis municipality, and Chamunda Bindrasaini municipality in the south. Thantikandh rural municipality has the total population of the municipality is 18996 consisting male population 9389 and female population of 9607 according to the population Census of Nepal 2011. There are 3327 households in Thantikandh rural municipality.

Brahmin, Chhetri, Dalit, Janajatietc are major caste and ethnic groups residing in this rural municipality and celebrates Dashain, Tihar, Magheshakranti, Ramnawami, Baishakepurnima, Janaipurnima, Teej, Holi, Loshar etc. festivals in a friendly manner. Majority of peopleof this rural municipality are engaged in agriculture & livestock farming too. The atmosphere & climate of this rural municipality is healthy & good. Paddy, Wheat, Corn, Maize and various cash crops are the main agro product of this rural municipality.

Mr. Dhir Bahadur Shahi and Mr. Susmita Singh are the chairman and vice chairman of the Thantikandh rural municipality. The rural municipality office is situated in Lakandra, Dailekh.