Feb 1, 2022

Surma Rural Municipality is situated at mid-part of Bajhang district, Sudur Pashim province. It was established in 2073 B.S. by combining then Doulichour and Surma Village Development Committees. It has been divided into five wards. It is surrounded by Talkot Rural Municipality at east and north, Bungal Municipality at west and Jay Prithvi Municipality and Chhabispathivera Rural Municipality at south. This Rural Municipality has been named after the holy lake Surma in bank of which Surma jatra (exhibit) is conducted. These are the natural, religious and cultural heritage of this entire region.
Total population of Surma Rural Municipality is 9022 and it covers the total area of 270.8 kilometer square. Education, agriculture, tourism and infrastructure development are the top most priorities of this rural governance. Ward number two is most populated ward followed by ward number four and three. 58% of people speak Nepali language and 42% people speak Bajhangi language. There are ten ethnic groups residing in this Rural Municipality among them Chettri dominates with 84% of total population.