Jan 31, 2022

Barpak Sulikot Rural Municipality is situated mid part of Gorkha district, Gandaki province. This Rural Municipality was established in 2073 B.S. by combining then Barpak, Swara, Sourpani, Tamlabot, Takukot, Panchkhuwa Deurali and Pandrung Village Development Committees. This local unit was the epicenter of large earthquake 2015. This local unit is surrounded by Dharche and Aarughat Rural Municipalities from east, Ajirkota and Sirankot Rural Municipalities from west, Chumanubri Rural Municipality from north and Bhimsen Thapa Rural Municipality from south. This local unit is named after two large and historic villages of Barpak and Sulikot villages. There are eight wards in this local unit.

As per the census 2011, total population of this Rural Municipality is 25,399 which include 5.830 households. Ward number four is most populated ward. There are about 18 ethnic communities residing under this Rural Municipality, among them largest community is Gurung constituting 38.97% of population followed by Baramo and Brahmin. Among 11 different mother tongues spoken under this local unit, Nepali is most popular language covering 63.44% population followed by Gurung and Ghale. Hindu and Buddhism are largest followed religion. Agriculture and tourism are major occupations. It covers total area of 200.63 kilometer square. Most of the area is covered by forest, mountain rocks and farming land. Farming is major occupation of this area and there are number of tourism areas. Barpak and other earthquake affected areas are being re-constructed.

Mr. Bishnu Prasad Bhatta is Chairperson and Ms. Sanamaya Gurung is Vice-chairperson of this Rural Municipality. Center of this Rural Municipality is ward number six Takukot village. Total number of elected local representatives is 42. Number of employees working under Rural Municipality administration is 32.