The geographical area of Silichong Rural Municipality is 293.26 sq km. It has a population of 12174 according to census 2011. This rural municipality has five wards. It was formed by merging all part of four and few parts of one former VDCs. It borders with Chichila Rural Municipality and Makalu Rural Municipality in the east, Solukhumbu district in the west, Bhojpur district in the south. The headquarter of this municipality is situated in Tamku.

Geographically it is a remote located gaupalika but for natural beauty it is much more to offer. It is named after the peak Silichong of this region. The ethnic composition of the people living here are majorly indigenous community with small portion of Dalits and chhetri and brahmin. This Rural Municipality is most famous for agricultural product like Rudraksha, cardamom, Chiraita and fruit production like Banana, Orange and Mango.

The Chairperson and Vice chairperson this rural municipality are Ram Bahadur Rai and Lal Kumari Rai respectively.