Sangurigadhi Rural Municipality that lies in Dhankuta District under Province No. 1 was formed by merging the then seven VDCs including, Budhi Morang, Khuwafok, Faksiw, Danda Bazar, Bhedetar, Mahabharat and Aaha. This gaunpalika has total area of 166.44 square kilo meter and total population of 29,536. This rural municipality is popular for its tourism attraction. Bhedetar Bazar is very much popular tourism destination among both domestic and foreign tourists.

Kumar Jung Yakha is the Chairman of this rural municipality while Binda Rai is the Vice-Chairman. Under the supervision of Rural Assembly, this rural municipality has divided its role into four parts which include, Administration, Planning and Monitoring, Infrastructure Development and Environment Management, Social and Economic Development and Education, Youth and Sports.

The Gaunpalika is divided into 10 wards and the Bhedetar is the Headquarter of this newly formed rural municipality.

The table below shows the current law, procedures and guidelines framed and implemented by Sangurigadhi Rural Municipality.

Table 1. List of laws, procedures and guidelines:

Name of the laws Date of authentication Links
1.      Education Act  of Sangurigadhi Rural Municipality- 2076 2073/3/11 Click Here
2.      Procedure to Issue Identity Cards to the People with Disabilities-2075 2075/9/3 Click here
3.      Allocation Act  of Sangurigadhi Rural Municipality– 2076 2076/3/11 Click here
4.      Treatment and Medication of Poor People Fund Directive-2075 2076/8/10 Click here
5.      Model Procedure for the Management of Local Level Human Resources in Contract -2075 2075/6/4 Click here
6.      Cooperative Act ofSangurigadhi Rural Municipality-2074

Click here

7.      Procedure Regarding the Publication of Local Gazette of Sangurigadhi Rural Municipality-2075

Click here

Fiscal Profile:

Table on fiscal profile of Sangurigadhi Rural Municipality:

Year 2018/19 2019/20 2020/21
Total Budget 364,284,000 420,223,130
Conditional Grants 2,526,000
Special Grants
Equalization Grants 6,965,000 6,986,000
Complementary Grants 100,000,000