Sandakpur is a rural municipality out of six rural municipality located in Ilam district. There are a total of 10 municipalities in Ilam in which 4 are urban and 6 are rural.

Sandakpur has an area of 156.01 square kilometres and the total population of the municipality is 16,065 as of census 2011. Maimajhuwa, Mabu, Sulubung, Maipokhari and Jamuna, previously were all separate Village Development Committees were merged to form this new local level body. The rural municipality is divided into total 5 wards and the headquarter of this newly formed rural municipality is situated in Maipokhari.

Udaya Rai is the Chairman of this gaunpalika and Shova Prajuli is the Vice-Chairperson.

The table below shows the current law, procedures and guidelines active in Sandakpur Rural Municipality.

Table 1. List of laws, procedures and guidelines adopted by Sandakpur Rural Municipality :

Name of the laws Date of authentication Links
1.      Procedure Regarding the Formation, Mobilization and Management of Consumers’ Committee of Local Level-2075 2075/3/7

2.      Integrated Property Tax Management Procedure-2075

3.      Local Farmers’ Group Formation Directive-2076 2076/7/6

4.      Regulation Regarding Registering Organization-2076 2076/7/5

5.      Record Management of Organization Act-2076 2076/3/17

6.      Act Regarding Registering Organization-2076 2076/3/4

7.      Procedure Regarding Business Tax-2076 2076/7/5

8.      Act Regarding the Registration and Dismissal of Micro, Cottage and Small Industry – 2076 2076/3/4

9.      Criteria Regarding Relief to be provided to the Labor Workers of Unorganized Sector, Helpless and People with Disabilities (Very Poor) of SandakpurGaunpalika- 2076 2076/12/26

10.  Procedure Regarding the Operation  of Welfare Fund for House Construction and Maintenance Workers – 2076 2076/12/2

Fiscal Profile:

Table on fiscal profile of Sandakpur Rural Municipality:

Year 2018/19 2019/20 2020/21
Total Budget 248,694,000 284,447,000 326,857,000
Income 2,000,000 11,650,000 6,000,000
Conditional Grants 140,900,000
Special Grants 10,000,000
Equalization Grants 87,871,000
Complementary Grants