Prasauni Rural Municipality is situated at south-west part of Bara district, Province number two. This Rural Municipality was established in 2073 B.S. by combining then Prasauni, Khatuwajabdi, Prastoka and Banjariya Village Development Committees. This local unit is divided into seven wards. This Rural Municipality is surrounded by Kalaiya Sub-metropolitan city from east, Parsa district from west, Jitpur Simara Sub-metropolitan citty from north and Pheta Rural Municipality from south. This local unit is connected with Kalaiya bazaar, headquarter of Bara district.

As per the census 2011, total population of this Rural Municipality is 25,478. Most populated ward is ward number four. This covers total area of 20.24 kilometer square. Hindu and Muslim are major religions followed by people and Bhojpuri, Maithali, Tharu and Nepali are major language spoken. Agriculture is major occupation though most of the farming land lacks irrigation facility. This local unit is connected with road network and most of the households have electricity access. Paddy, wheat, mustard, sunflower are major crops cultivated along with different fruits, vegetables. Animal husbandry is also among major occupations.

Mr. Bhola Prasad Gupta is Chairperson and Ms. Geeta Shah is Vice-chairperson of this Rural Municipality. Prasauni bazaar is center of this local unit. Total number of staffs working under this local unit is 12.