The geographical area of Phaktanglung Rural Municipality is 1858.51 sq km. This is the first largest rural municipality based on its land occupancy. It has a population of 12017 according to local election 2017. This rural municipality has seven wards. It was formed by merging seven former VDCs. It is surrounded by Sirijanga gaunpalika in the east and Mikwakhola Rural Municipality in the west and border with China in the north and Phungling municipality in the south.

The majority of the people here are Limbu followed by Rai and other ethnic communities. Agriculture, yak and chauri farming, collection of Himalayan herbs are the major economic activities people are involved in for livelihood.

The administrative structure under this rural municipality has eight different divisions. The General Administration Division, Financial Administration Division, Technical Division, Education Division, Health Division, Information Technology Division, Agriculture Division, Livestock Service Division.

The Chairperson and Vice chairperson this rural municipality are Saroj Limbu and Phulmaya Limbu respectively.