Pancheswor Rural Municipality is situated at south-west part of Baitadi district, Sudur Paschim district. It lies in 13 kosh distance from the district headquarter Gothalapani. It has been categorized into six wards. This Rural Municipality is surrounded by Melauli and Shivanath Rural Municipalities at east, Mahakali river and Indian boarder at west, Dasharath Municipality at north and Shivanath Municipality at south. it connected by road network. It is named after local god Pancheswor.

As per the census of 2011, total population of this Rural Municipality is 18,766 which include 3312 households. Population of male is 8,484 and female is 10,282. Ward number four is most populated ward followed by ward number one and five. There are about twelve ethnic groups residing in this Rural Municipality among them Chhetri and Thakuri are dominating populations. Baitadeli is the most spoken language. There are number of religious and tourism potential places in Pancheswor Rural Municipality such as Dhura Kailpal, Udayadev temple, Devtaal temple, Nagarjun temple, Pancheswor temple etc. Most of the people are involved in agriculture, animal husbandry and foreign employment. Different crops like wheat, paddy, maize, fruits and vegetables are cultivated here. Total area covered by this Rural Municipality is 120.41 kilometer square. Most of the area is covered by forest, mountains and grass.

Mr. Gorakh Bahadur Chand is Chairperson and Ms. Bina Bhatt is Vice-chairperson of Pancheswor Rural Municipality. Number of elected representatives from local election is 32. Aamchaura village, ward number four is center of this Rural Municipality.