Nougad Rural Municipality is situated at mid-part of Darchula district, Sudur Pashim province. it was established in 2073 B.S. by combining then Iyarkot, Khar, Sipti and Dhuligada Village Development Committees. It is surrounded by Marma and Api Himal Rural Municipalities at east, Mahakali Municipality and Duhu Rural Municipality at west, Duhu and Vyas Rural Municipality at north and Saileshikhar Municipality at south. it has been categorized into six wards. Infrastructure development has been prioritized by this local level. Much of the land is covered by mountain, forest, grass and rocks.

15,874 is the total population with 2616 households. Total number of male is 7624 and female is 8250. Ward number six is most populated ward followed by ward number four and two. 88 person per kilometer square is the density of this local level. 180.27 kilometer square is the total area occupied by Naugad Rural Municipality. Much of the wards are being connected with highway network. Some of the tourism prospective areas of this Rural Municipality are Nageswori Dham area, Chhipur lake, Jatra Laksari and Durga Bhawani temple. It is the home place for different birds and animals. Precious herbs are also available in this area. Agriculture, goat, buffalo and cow farming are major occupations. Youths are involved in foreign employment. Chhetri are dominating population and Doteli is the major language here. Most of the people are Hindu celebrating Dashain and Tihar festivals.

Mr. Premshing Dhami is Chairperson and Ms. Gauridevi Thagunna is Vice-chairperson of Naugad Rural Municipality. Center of this local level is at Hoparigad village, ward number five. Total number of elected local representatives are 32.