Narainapur rural municipality is located in the southern part of the Banke district. Existing VDCs such as Katkuiya, Laxmanpur, kalaphata, Narainapur, Matehiya and Gangapur, were combined in Narainapur rural municipality. The Rural municipality has total area of 172.34 square Kilometers and is divided into 6 wards. Nepal-India boarder lies in the east of Narainapur rural municipality. Similarly, this rural municipality is surrounded by Duduwa rural municipality in the west, Raptisonari rural municipality in the north and Nepal-India boarder in the south. The geography of this rural municipality includes plan fertile land. Narainapur rural municipality has the total population of the municipality is 34942 consisting male population 17978 and female population of 16964 according the National population censusof Nepal 2011. There are 5908 households in Narainapur rural municipality.

Chhetri, Brahaman, Dalit, Madheshi, Muslim etc reside in this rural municipality. Dashain, Tihar, Janaipurnima, Chandi Purnima, Buddhajayanti, Maghesarankti, Holi, Chhatha, Eid, Ramjanetc festivals in a friendly manner. Awadhi, Tharu, Nepali are the most spoken languages of this rural municipality. Paddy, Wheat, Corn, Mustard, Grain and various cash crops also harvest in this rural municipality. People of this rural municipality also engaged in livestock business also and some are in abroad for foreign employment also.

Mr. Istiyak Ahamad Saha and Jayanti Devi Shreebastav are the chairman and vice chairman of the Narainapur rural municipality. The rural municipality office is situated in Narainapur, Banke.