Jan 27, 2022

The geographical area of Molung Rural Municipality is 112 sq km. It has a population of 15862 according to census 2011. This rural municipality has eight wards. It was formed by merging seven former VDCs. It is surrounded by Siddhicharan unicipality in the east and Khijidemba and Champadevi gaunpalika in the west and Siddicharan municipality and Khijidemba rural municipality in the north and Sunkoshi gaunpalika and Siddhicharan municipality in the south. The headquarter of this municipality is situated in Prapcha.

Name of this rural municipality is derived from the local stream Molung. It has seven stream flowing through this and three different waterfalls which adds to its beauty even more. It has popular local shrines of Hindu deities and two Buddhist monasteries as well.

The Chairperson and Vice chairperson this rural municipality are Maniraj Rai and Hem Kumari Tamang respectively.