Jan 28, 2022

Myagang rural municipality situates in the western part of the Nuwakot district. Myagang rural municipalitywas formed by combining then Basunchet, Kimtang, Deurali, Bungtang, and Samari VDCs. The Rural municipality has total area of 97.82square kilo meter and is divided into 6wards. Bidur  municipality and Kispang rural municipalitylies in the east of Myagang rural municipality. Similarly, this rural municipality is surrounded by Dhading district in the west, Kispang rural municipality and Dhading districtin the north and Tarkeshowr rural municipality in the south. The geography of this Rural municipality includes steeply hills mountains, and cold weather. Total population of the municipality is 13479consisting male population 6059and female population of 7420as of Census of Nepal 2011. There are 3388households in Myagang rural municipality.

Corn is the major harvest of this rural municipality followed by millet, rice, wheat, potato etc. For the cash crops Tea, Cardamon, Ground apple, orange, mustard, Kiwi etc. are farmed.   Samari river,             Kundan river, Barchel salakhu, Shanti khola, Ghyapring khola etc are the major river of this rural municipality. Tamang, Ghale, Brahamin. Kshetri, Sherpa, Newar, etc. are the major ethnic group of this rural municipality. Agriculture and tourism are the major source of income of this rural municipality. People do agriculture and livestock farming as their major economic activities. Hindu, Budhhist, Cristian are major religions of this rural municipality.

Mr. Aasha Tamang and Mrs. Shanti Lama Gurungare the chairman and vice chairman of the Myagang rural municipality. The rural municipality office is situated in Durali, Nuwakot.