Jan 31, 2022

Mangala Rural Municipality is situated at mid-south part of Myagdi district, Gandaki province. This Rural Municipality was established in 2073 B.S. It combines then Arman, Kunhu, Babiya Chour and Darwang Village Development Committees. This Rural Municipality is surrounded by Beni Municipality from east, Malika Rural Municipality from west, Malika and Raghu Ganga Rural Municipalities from north and Baglung district from south. There are five wards under this local unit.

Population of Mangala Rural Municipality is 16,286 covering 3,825 households as per the census 2011. Population of male is 7,114 and female is 9,172. Ward number five is most populated ward. This local unit covers 89 kilometer square area. Most of the land is covered by forest and farming area followed by grass area, mountain rocks and residence. There are about nine ethnic groups residing under this local unit. Among them Magar constitute largest population (38%), followed by Kami, Chhetri and Brahmin. Most of the people (98%) speak Nepali language followed by Magar. About 80% people are involved in farming. Paddy, maize, wheat, barley, millet are major crops along with different vegetables and fruits. About 90% people are literate. This is connected by road network. Most of the people have access to electricity.

Mr. Sat Prasad Rokaya is Chairperson and Ms. Srijana K.C. is Vice-chairperson of Mangala Rural Municipality. Total number of local representatives is 27. Babiya Chour village is the center of this local unit. Number of employees working under this local unit is 20.