Malikarjun Rural Municipality is situated at south-west part of Darchula districh Sudur Paschim province. it was established in 2073 B.S. by combining all the area of then Malikarjun, Dandakot, Uku, Bhagwati, Hunainath and Shankarour Villege Development Committees. It is surrounded by Silyashikhar Rural Municipality at east, Mahakali river and Indian boarder at west, Mahakali Municipality at north and Lekam Rural Municipality  with some parts of Sailyashikhar Rural Municipality at south. it was named after the Hindu holy place Malikarjun temple resides here. It has been categorized into eight wards.

According to the census 2011, total population of Malikarjun Rural Municipality is 15,581 with 3096 households. Total population of female is 8342 and male is 7239. It covers total area of 100.82 kilometer square. Much of the land is occupied by forest, rocks, grass grounds. it is the home place for different herbs, slate stone, plants, animals, birds and mountains. Ward number 8 is most populated ward followed by three and six. Chhetri and Brahmin are major ethnic groups and Doteli is the major language spoken. Agriculture, animal husbandry and foreign employment are major source of income. Malikarjun Dham has religious and tourism importance. Upper parts are covered by snow in winter season.

Mr. Narendra Shingh Dhami is Chairperson and Ms. Puspa Awasthi is Vice-chairperson of this Rural Municipality. Shankarpur village ward number 8 is center of this Rural Municipality. Total number of elected representatives for local government is 42.