Situated in the midddle part of Makawanpur district, Makawanpurgadhi Rural Municipality was formed by combining three then VDCs, Makawanpurgadhi, Aambhanjyang, Sukaurar Budhichaur. The Rural municipality has total area of 148.72 square kilo meter and is divided eight wards. Western part of Bakaiya Rural Municipality is connected Makawanpurgadhi Rural municipality. Similarly, this rural municipality is surrounded by Hetauda Sub-Metropolitan City  from west & south, Bhimphedi Rural Municipality from north and Bakaiya Rural Municipality from east. The geography of this rural municipality includes steep hills as well as plain lands.

Makawanpurgadhi Rural Municipality has total population of 25,322 (male 12,279 & female 13,043) as of Census of Nepal 2011. Makawanpurgadhi Rural Municipality was turned into rural municipality when fulfilling the requirement of the new constitution of 2015. This Rural municipality has 5,003 households. Basically Brahaman, Chhetri, Tamang, Magar, Lama, Kaami, Damai, Newar, etc resides in this Rural Municipality. And they celebrate festivals like Dashain, Tihar, Buddha Purnima. Lohsar, Krishnajanmastami, etc.  Agriculture is the major source of occupation of this Rural Municipality.

The center of this newly formed rural municipality is situated in Makanchuli. Mr. Bidur Humagai is the Chairman of this rural municipality and Mrs. Harkamaya Rumba is Vice-chairman.