The geographical area of Meringden Rural Municipality is 210 sq km. It has a population of 12548 according to local election 2017. This rural municipality has six wards. It was formed by merging five former VDCs. It is surrounded by Punglink municipality and Mikwakhola gaunpalika in the east and Sankhuwasabha district in the west and Mikwakhola gaunpalika in the north and Maiwakhola gaunpalika in the south.

The name of the gaunpalika is in Limbu language, which means ‘a pain’, somehow it depicts the remoteness of the location that makes difficult to have easy access to the facilities. Like other highland rural municipalities of Taplejung district it also has the same pattern of economic activities where people are involved in agriculture, livestock farming and collection of herbs. Limbus’s are dominant in population here.

The administrative structure under this rural municipality has six divisions. Planning, Monitoring and Statistical Division, Social Development Division, Revenue and Financial Administration Division, General Administration Division, Infrastructure and Housing Monitoring Division and Economic Development Division.

The Chairperson and Vice chairperson this rural municipality are Ganesh Bahadur Limbu and Kalpana Tumbahamphe respectively.