Feb 1, 2022

Lekam Rural Municipality is situated at south part of Darchula district, Sudur Paschim province. it was established in 2073 B.S. by combining then Kharadaka, Lali, Rithachaupata and Sarmoli Village Development Committees. It has been categorized into six wards. It is surrounded by Mahakali river and Indian boarder at west, Malikarjun Rural Municipality and Saailshikhar Municipality at north, Baitadi district at south and Bajhang district at east. It is named by then Lekam geographical identity of Darchula district which is one of three geographical parts during historic period. Though it is nearby Mahakali highway, it is not yet connected by pitch road network. Infrastructure development, agriculture and social development are prioritized by local government of this unit.

As per the census 2011, total population of Lekam Rural Municipality is 14,838 which includes 2851 households. Population of male is 6754 and female is 8084. It covers the total area of 83.98 kilometer square. About 30% land is appropriate for farming and remaining is covered by forest, mountains and rocks. Wheat, maize, barley and millet are major crops that could be cultivated here. Brahmin and Chhetri are major ethnic groups and Doteli is main language spoken.

Agriculture, animal husbandry and Indian employment are major occupations of residents. This Rural Municipality also has probability of developing into international trade and custom center for Indo-Nepal boarder. There are 47 schools, 13 temples, 6 hospitals and 4 animal service centers in Lekam Rural Municipality.

Mr. Paramananda Joshi is Chairperson and Ms. Madhavi Joshi is Vice-chairperson of Lekam Rural Municipality. Number of elected local representatives is 32. Center of this Rural Municipality is ward number four Kharkada village.