Khaptad Chhanna Rural Municipality is situated at south-east part of Bajhang district. It was established in 2073 B.S. by combining then Pouwagadhi, Lamatola, Majhigaaun, Kalukheti, Patadeval and Gadaraya Village Development Committees. This Rural Municipality is surrounded by Bajura district at east, Thalara Rural Municipality at west, Jayprithvi Municipality at north and Khaptad national park at south. there are seven wards in this Rural Municipality. It is relatively well-located Rural Municipality in the whole district, suitable for agriculture. Name of the Rural Municipality was kept after Khaptad National Park.

Total population of this Rural Municipality is 15,893 out of which 7,150 are male and remaining 8,743 are female according to the census of 2011. It covers the total area of 113.52 kilometer square. Majority of people speak Nepali language followed by Bajhangi. There are about 18 ethnic groups residing in this local level out of them Chhetri are the major people followed by Brahmins. 60% of the population is literate.

Agriculture, tourism and animal husbandry are the major occupations in this area. Major residential area lies into the way of Khaptad National Park. The shortest way to Khaptad National Park goes through this Rural Municipality so, it has enormous probability of income from tourism. . Majority of people are Hindu and major festivals are Dashain and Tihar. Ward number seven is most populated ward followed by ward number five and six.

Mr. Barka Bahadur Rokaya is Chairperson and Ms. Pausara Devi Thapa is Vice-chairperson of this Rural Municipality. Center of this Rural Municipality is Ghatkhola village, ward number 4. Total representatives elected in local level election for this Rural Municipality is 37.

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