Sahidbhumi Rural Municipality was formed on Falgun 27, 2073 under the Local level Restructuring of Nepal followed by the Local level election. This gaunpalika was formed by merging three then VDCs including, Chintang, Khoku and Ankhisalla. The name for this gaunpalika was chosen and recommended by the first meeting of Rural Assembly in the participation of elected representatives. The name was formally approved by Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development by publishing the Ministry’s decision in Nepal Gazette on Poush 24, 2074.

A total of 18,760 people live in this gaupalika which has an area of 99.55 square km. Piple has been announced the center of this rural municipality which is surrounded by Arun and Tamur River as well as Marga Pond. Similarly, Dhankuta Municipality is connected with this gaunpalika in the east and Udayapur, Sunsari and Bhojpur districts share their borders in the west. The rural municipality is demarcated by Pakhriwas Municipality and Sanghurigadhi Rural Municipality in the norther and south respectively.

There are 3,876 households within the territory of this gaunpalika which sits on the lap of steep geography. This gaunpalika is rich for cultivable lands and is a major production hub of wheat, maize, lentils, and millet, among others.

This rural municipality holds huge tourism potential with its attractive historical, cultural, natural and religious sites. ChintangJalpadevi Temple, PanchakanyaSahidpark, Triveni Ganesh Temple, Jhyaldhunga Cave, Selele Fountain, Ghumaune Danda and Tamor River are some of the major tourism sites.

This is also a naturally rich gaunpalika with its total area of 3,315.08 hectors being filled with rich and dense forest.

According to the census-2011, people of varieties of ethnicity including, Tamang, Newar, Magar, Limbu,  Thulung, Khaling, Chintang and Rai among others from varied religious background live in thisgaunpalika which has .Bantawa is the most commonly spoken language ofSahidbhumi Rural Municipality.

Manoj Rai is the Chairman and Ratnashwori Rai is the Vice-Chairman of this gaunpalika.

Administrative glimpse of this gaunpalika:

Province 1
District Dhankuta
Name Sahidbhumi Rural Municipality
Ward 7
Center Piple

The table below shows the current law, procedures and guidelines framed and implemented by Sahidbhumi Rural Municipality.

Table 1. List of laws, procedures and guidelines:

Name of the laws Date of authentication Links
1.      Economic Bill of Sahidbhumi Rural Municipality – 2077 2076/3/18 Click here
2.      Allocation Bill of Sahidbhumi Rural Municipality – 2077 2076/3/18 Click here
3.      Criteria Regarding Relief Distribution-2076 Click here
4.      Procedure for Implementation of Chairman with Poor Program – 2076 2076/12/6 Click here
5.      Corrugated Sheet Roofing Program Implementation Procedure-2076 2076/12/6 Click here
6.      Procedure Regarding Issuing D Category License to Construction Contractor – 2075 2075/1/21 Click here
7.      Property and Land Tax Management Procedure-2075 2075/2/9 Click here
8.      Internal Management Control Mechanism-2075 2075/3/25 Click here
9.      Criteria for Providing Relief to Labor Workers of Unorganized Sector and Helpless People-2076 2076/12/6 Click Here

Fiscal Profile:

Table on fiscal profile of Sahidbhumi Rural Municipality:

Year 2018/19 2019/20 2020/21
Total Budget 211,419,000 351,032,408
Conditional Grants 116,400,000 170,500,000
Special Grants
Equalization Grants 72,437,000 92,898,000
Complementary Grants
Taxes 52,022,000