Jan 31, 2022

Subhakalika rural municipality is situated in the southern part of the Kalikot district. Existing VDCs such as Sukatiya, Kalika (Mugraha) and Bharta, were combined in Subhakalika rural municipality. The Rural municipality has total area of 97.31square kilometers and is divided into 8 wards. Mahawai rural municipality lies in the east of Subhakalika rural municipality. Similarly, this rural municipality is surrounded by Achham district in the west, Khandachakra municipality in the north and Dailekh district in the south. The geography of this rural municipality is steep slopes with highmountain and cold weather. Subhakalika rural municipality has the total population of the municipality is 14080 consisting male population 7026 and female population of 7054 as of Census of Nepal 2011. There are 2458 households in Subhakalika rural municipality.

This rural municipality is backward in economic development, socio-cultural development, human resources, physical infrastructure, health sector as well as educational possibilities but rich in natural resources. Almost 82% individuals involved in agriculture but the production is hardly enough for 3 months only. Most of the individuals are in India, Golf Country for foreign employment. Shahi, Rawat, Rawal, Brahmin, Chhetri, Dalit, Janajati etc are some of the major caste groups who reside in this rural municipality and celebrates Dashain, Tihar, Magheshakranti, Ramnawami, Baishakepurnima, Janaipurnima, Teej, Holi, etc. festivals in a friendly manner. Majority of people speak nepali language. All the residential of this rural municipality are engaged in agriculture & livestock farming too. Mr. Khadananda Chaulagai and Mrs. Pampha Kumari Sahi are the chairman and vice chairman of the Subhakalika rural municipality. The rural municipality office is situated in Sukatiya, Kalikot.