Kalaiya is a sub-metropolitan city and headquarters of Bara district in Narayani Zone of south-eastern Nepal. Situated in Province No. 2 of Nepal, this sub-metropolis has a total population of 123,659 people living in 28,645 individual households, according to National Census of 2011. The population of this sub-metropolis is 12.56 percent of the total population of the whole district.

Kalaiya became sub-metropolitan city for the first time in 2039 BS by merging Kalaiya, Barewa, Bhawanipur, Baraiya and Rampur VDCs. Previously, it had 14 wards which was recently added to make 27 wards by the Government of Nepal.

This sub-metropolis is very rich in terms of cultural diversity. However, the elected representatives need to work to promote the human as well as social development as the human development index of Kalaiya is very low.

Religiously very significant Gadhimai Temple lies in Kalaiya which is also houses places with historical importance like Simraungadh. Due to the world’s biggest animal sacrifice ceremony, a huge number of religious tourists both from Nepal and India come to this sub-metropolis adding to its tourism potential.

Rajesh Raya Yad is the Head and RahimaKhatun is the Sub-head of this sub-metropolis.

The table below shows the current law, procedures and guidelines active in Kalaiya Sub-metropolitan City.

Table 1. List of laws, procedures and guidelines adopted by Kalaiya Sub-metropolitan City:

Name of the laws Date of authentication Links
1.     Economic Act-2076 2076/3/13 Click here
2.     Allocation Act-2076 Click here
3.     Act (to regularize) Administrative Procedure-2075 Click here
4.     Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act-2075 2075/12/30 Click here
5.     Act to Regularize and Manage Economic Procedure-2075 2075/12/29 Click here
6.     Procedure to Conduct, Manage and Regulate Final Exams of Grade VIII-2075 2075/12/27 Click here
7.     Allocation Act-2075 2075/12/29 Click here
8.     Legal Committee Act (Regarding Procedure) -2075 2075/12/29 Click here
9.     Procedure Regarding Issuing Identity-cards to the People with Disabilities-2075 Click here
10.   Senior Citizens Identity Card Distribution Directives-2075 2075/12/27 Click here
11.  Procedure Regarding the Formation, Mobilization and Management of Consumers Committee-2075 2075/12/27 Click here
12.  Procedure Regarding Managing Technical and Other Staffs in Contarct-2075 2075/12/27 Click here
13.  Work Execution Procedure-2075 2075/12/27 Click here
14.  Procedure Regarding Publication of Gazette-2075 2075/12/27 Click here
15.  Municipal Assembly Operation Procedure-2075 2075/12/29 Click here

Fiscal Profile:

Table on fiscal profile of Kalaiya Sub-metropolitan City:

Year 2018/19 2019/20 2020/21
Total Budget 266,859,423
Income 223,356,000
Conditional Grants 571,789,000
Special Grants 5,000,000
Equalization Grants 29,160,000
Complementary Grants 6,000,000

Source: http://kalaiyamun.gov.np/ne