Kailari Rural Municipality is located at Kailali district of Sudur Pashim Province, Nepal. Situated at 27 km east to the district headquarter Dhangadhi, Kailari rural municipality is a tarai rural municipality with 100 percent plain land. It touches Indian boarder at south, Gauriganga rural municipality at north, Dhangadhi sub-metropolitan city at west and Ghodaghodi and Bhajani municipality at east. It is largest rural municipality of Kailali district.

Name of this rural municipality is been kept from the Kailari village located at ward number two. Hasuliya is the headquarter of this rural municipality. Pitch and gravel road access is provided to all ward offices.

Maximum of land is occupied by farming area followed by forest and residence. It occupies total area of 233.27 kilo meter square and according to census of 2011 it has population of 47,987. Economically active population (age group 15-59) occupies 75% of total population. About 17 ethnic groups reside here among them Tharu are major caste living here followed by Brahmin/Chhetri, Madhesi and Dalits.

Agriculture, fishery and animal husbandry are the major occupations over here. Chairman of this rural municipality is Mr. Lajuram Chaudhary and Vice- chairman is Ms. Laxmi Satgauwa Tharu. It consists of nine wards.

Source: www.kailarimun.gov.np