Joshipur Rural Municipality is located at Kailali district of Sudur Pashim province Nepal. Joshipur Rural Municipality was formed by combining then Joshipur and Bouniya Village Development Committees. It was established in 2073. There are seven wards in this Rural Municipality. This Rural Municipality was named after the Joshipur Bazar. Located at south part of Kailali district, it is situated at 100 kilometer distance from district headquarter Dhangadhi. its boarder in north is Bardgoriya Rural Municipality, south is Bhajani Municipality, West is Ghodaghodi Municipality and East boarder lies to Lamki Chuha and Tikapur Municipalities. All the land is covered by plain area suitable for farming.

Total area of Joshipur Rural Municipality is 65.57 square kilometer and population is 36,459 as per the census of 2011. Almost half of the land is occupied by forest and Butan area. Because of good irrigation facility Paddy and Wheat are cultivated in productive manner. Farming, animal husbandry, trade, service and foreign employment are major occupations of resides of this Rural Municipality. Major ethnic groups residing in this Rural Municipality are Tharu, Chhetri, Brahmin and Dalits.

Mr. Ramkrishna Chaudhary is the Chairperson and Geeta Kathariya is Vice-chairperson of this Rural Municipality. Headquarter of this Rural Municipality is located at Joshipur Bazar.