Jeetpursimara Sub-Metropolitan City is located in Bara district in Province No. 2 of southern Nepal. It is a new sub-metropolis that was created by promoting the then Gadhimai Municipality following the local level election. Entire area of Bhawanipur Jeetpur, Piparasimara, Dumarawana, Fattepur, Chatapipara, Amlekhgunj, Enarwasira VDCs and partial parts of Manharwa, Haraiya and Rampurtokani VDCs were merged to form this sub-metropolis. With an area of 314 square kilometers, Jeetpursimara houses a total of 117,950 people in a total of 21,670 individual households.

It is regarded as the youngest sub-metropolitan city in the country.

Nijgadh, Kolhawi and Karaiyamai Rural Municipality lies in the east of this sub-metropolis while Birgunj Metropolitan City shares western border with it. Similarly, Hetaunda Sub-metropolitan City lies in the north and Parwanipurgaunpalika, Prashaunigaunpalika and Kalaiya sub-metropolis borders with Jeetpursimara in the south.

This sub-metropolis has historical significance. The Amlekhgunj-Raxaul railway had been a historic monument since India was a British colony. The railway was constructed to transport logs and sleepers. It led to the opening of major roads and construction of the infrastructure. This railway however is not more in existence.

As much as 60 percent of the land in Jeetpursimara is arable while rest is covered by forests and individual as well as business housings. The sub-metropolis is full of facilities including health services, education, drinking water supply and many more. Most of the industries are located in this place.

This is divided into 24 wards and Krishna Prasad Poudel and Saraswoti Devi Chaudhary is Mayor and Deputy Mayor of this sub-metropolis.

The table below shows the current law, procedures and guidelines active in Jeetpursimara Sub-metropolitan City.

Table 1. List of laws, procedures and guidelines adopted by Jeetpursimara Sub-metropolitan City:

Name of the laws Date of authentication Links
1.     Formation, Mobilization and Management of Local Level Consumers Committee Click here
2.     Procedure Regarding Issuing License to D Category Contractors-2075 Click here
3.     Act Formulated to Implement Economic Proposals-2075 Click here
4.     Allocation Act-2075 2075/4/1 Click here
5.     Agriculture Business Promotion Bill-2075 2075/4/1 Click here
6.     Cooperative Act-2075 Click here
7.     Health Act-2075 2075/4/1 Click here
8.     Act Regarding Land-2075 Click here
9.     Education Act-2075 2075/4/1 Click here
10.  FM Radio (Operation and Management) Act-2075 2075/4/1 Click here
11.  Legal Committee Procedural Act-2075 2075/4/1 Click here

Fiscal Profile:

Table on fiscal profile of Jeetpursimara Sub-metropolitan City:

Year 2018/19 2019/20 2020/21
Total Budget 1,055,300,430
Income 341,930,255
Conditional Grants
Special Grants
Equalization Grants
Complementary Grants