Situated towards the eastern face of Tanahu District & southern face of Gorakha district, Ichhakamana Rural Municipality was formed by combining four then VDCs, Darechowk, Chandibhanjyang, Kaule & Dahakhani. The Rural municipality has total area of 166.73 square kilo meter and is divided into seven wards. Dhadhing District, Tanahu District, Gorkha District & Kalika Municipality lies respectively in east, west, north & south of Ichhakamana Rural Municipality. The geography of this Rural municipality includes steep hills as well as plain lands. Chitwan District consists of 1 metropolitan city, 5 municipalities and only one rural municipality, that only rural municipality lies is Ichhakamana Rural Municipality. The said rural municipality consists of variety of tourism as well as religious places like, Jalbire waterfall, Siraichuli, Hattbang historic area Upardang Gadhi, religious places Ichhakamana Mai Mandir, Jalabire Mandir, Manakamana Cable Car, Trishuli River, Mungling bazaar etc. Ichhakamana Rural Municipality is situated at the lap of Trishuli river and lies 100KM south west from the Kathmandu City. It is 500 Mtr. to 1,500 Mtr. height from sea level.

Ichhakamana Rural Municipality has an area of 166.67 square kilometres and the total population of the municipality is 25,002 (male 12,460 & female 12,542) as of Census of Nepal 2011. Ichhakamana Rural Municipality turned into rural municipality when fulfilling the requirement of the new constitution of 2015. There are 7 wards in Ichhakamana Rural Municipality.

Gurung, Magar, Tamang, Newar, Thakali, Muslim, Brahman, Chhetri, Thakuri and marginalized people like Chepang resides in this Rural Municipality.  There are 4,778 households.

The rural municipality is divided into total 7 wards and the center of this newly formed rural municipality is situated in ward no. 6. Mrs. Gita Kumari Gurung & Mr. Kriti Kumar Shrestha are the Chairman & Vice-Chairman of this rural municipality.