Situated towards the eastern face of Makawanpur District, Hariharpurgadhi Rural Municipality was formed by combining four then VDCs Hariharpurgadhi, Kyaneshwar, Pipalmadi & Mahendrajhyadi. The Rural municipality has total area of 343.90 square kilo meter and is divided into eight wards. The name of the said Rural Municipality is based upon the historic palace named Hariharpurgadhi. Hariharpurgadhi Rural Municipality is connected with northern part of Sarlahi District, western part of Marin Rural Municipality similarly, southern part of Kavre District & eastern part of Makawan & Rautahat District. The geography of this Rural municipality includes steep hills as well as plain lands. Since there are some hillocks risen in the Chure located in this area like hearth stone.  Agriculture is the main source of occupation of this Rural Municipality, and nowadays people of this Rural Municipality involved in livestock, floriculture and various cash crops too. In the middle part of this Rural Municipality there flows Marin river, in the eastern part there flows Kyankhola river, similarly, Bagmati & Kokhajor river flows respectively in western & northern part.

Hariharurgadhi Rural Municipality consists of 4,586 households with total population of 27,727 (male 13,275 & female 14,452) as of Census of Nepal 2011. Hariharpurgadhi Rural Municipality turned into Rural Municipality when fulfilling the requirement of the new constitution of 2015. There lived various castes of peoples like Tamang, Rai, Magar, Majhi, Pahari, Bishwakarma, Damai, Bahun, Chhetri, Newar etc. and we found variety in cultural values also. They celebrate festivals like Vijayadashami, Dipawali, Ramnawami, Maghesankranti, Saunesankranti, Teej, Buddhapurnima, Janaipurnima etc. Considering the development of human thoughts, economic & physical infrastructure the said rural municipalities is quite backward. Agriculture is the main source of occupation of this Hariharpurgadhi Rural Municipality.

Mr. Karsang Lama & Mrs. Anita Kumari Rai are the Chairman & Vice-Chairman respectively of the Hariharpurgadhi Rural Municipality.