Haldibari Rural Municipality is located in the south-eastern part of the country under Province No. 1. At the time of the 1991, this Gaunpalika had a population of 6,407 people living in 1,167 individual households.

Haldibari Gaunpalika is 4 km from Chandragadhi and 7 km from Birtamod and the East-West Highway and approximately 5 km from the border with India. The center of Haldibari is Haldibari Chowk. There is one post office and one police station located near Haldibari Chowk.

There are two major factories: Haldibari Tea and Rakura Tea Factory. Most parts of Haldibari are covered with tea gardens. People of different castes like Rajbanshi, Satar, Brahmin, Chettri, Kumai, Damai, Newar, Sarki, Rai, Limbu and others live in this Gaunpalika. Once a week on Saturday, a fair is held at Haldibari bazaar near Haldibari Chowk.

Most people in this Gaunpalika are farmers who mostly produce garlic, paddy and maize, among others. Nepali and Rajbanshi are two widely spoken languages in this local unit.

Smooth and broader roads provide the main transportation here and most parts of this Gaunpalika are well-connected by road.

Rabindra Prashad Lingden is the Chairman and Dammar Bahadur Giri is the Vice-chairman of this Gaunpalika.

Table 1. List of laws, procedures and guidelines adopted by Haldibari Rural Municipality:

Name of the Laws Date of authentication Link
1.     Allocation act 2076 (Server down while coping links)
2.     Economic Act 2076
3.     Directives on Health care support Fund 2075
4.     Procedure for Judicial Committee

Table on fiscal profile of Haldibari Gaunpalika:

Year 2018/19 2019/20 2020/21
Total Budget 444,885,000
Income 16,400,000
Conditional Grants 113,800,000
Special Grants
Equalization Grants
Complementary Grants

Source: http://haldibarimun.gov.np/