Ghorahi, the seventh largest city and largest sub-metropolitan city of the country, is located in Province No. 5 in the mid-Western part of Nepal. Situated in the inner Terai region, this metropolis is 413 kilometres far from Kathmandu. It is also being developed as one of the Counter Magnets as an alternative center of growth so as to help ease the migration and population expansion in the Kathmandu metropolitan city.

Also a largest city of the Rapti zone where it lies, this metropolis is surrounded by Sivalik Hills to the south and Mahabharata Range to the north.

Ghorahi Sub-Metropolitan City is located in the Dang valley in the foothills of the Himalayas nestled between Babai River in the east, south, and in the west which ends up turning into Sarayu and Ganges rivers in India.

The city is known for its landscape and slightly milder climate and offers a gateway to the surrounding districts including, Rolpa, Pyuthan, Salyan and Rukum. It is well-connected and close to famous natural tourist destinations like Bardiya National Part, Thawang and Swargadwari Temple.

This sub-metropolis was named one of the excellent sub-metropolitan cities based on minimum conditions and performance measurements in the fiscal year 2072-73.

It hosts famous academic institutions like Nepal Sanskrit University, Central Ayurveda College, Rapti Engineering College, Deepjyoti Nursing College, and Mahendra Multiple College while is home to huge industrial producing houses like Ghorahi Cement, Sonapur Cement and Dang Cement, among others.

Ghorahi is best known for its high-quality honey and hemp textiles.

According to the National Census of 2011, this sub-metropolis has a total of 155,164 population dominated by indigenous Tharu community.

Formed by combining Ghorahi municipality, Tripur Municipality and surrounding VDCs, this metropolis is divided into 19 wards.

The literacy rate of this sub-metropolis is 73 percent and human development index is very low at 0.41.

Naru Lal Chaudhary from Nepal Communist Party is the Mayor and Sita Neupane from the same party is Deputy Mayor of this sub-metropolis.