Gharpajhong Rural Municipality is situated at south-east part of Mustangi district, Gandaki province. This Rural Municipality was established in 2073 B.S. It combines then Marpha, Tukuche and Jomsom Village Development Committees. This Rural Municipality is surrounded by Manang district from east, Dolpa district from west, Baragang Muktichhetra Rural Municipality from north and Myagdi district and Thasang Rural Municipality from south. This local unit is divided into 5 wards. Beni-Jomsom road goes through this area. Name of this Rural Municipality is kept from Bon language in which meaning is strong kingdom.

Population of Gharpajong Rural Municipality is 3,184 as per the household survey 2075 B.S. population of male is 1,616 and female is 1,568. Ward number three is most populated ward. This local unit covers 319.77 kilometer square area. Most of the land is covered by forest and farming, snow, butanes, grass area, mountain rocks and residence. There are about eleven ethnic groups residing under this local unit. Among them Thakali, Dalit and Gurung are major ethnic communities. Most of the people speak Thakali language followed by Nepali. 78% follow Buddhism religion which is largest population followed by Hindu and Christianity. There are different tourism destinations including, Baraha Pokhari, Dhumwa, Gharapojhong fort, Yharu-zho view point, Kshyama leke, Marpha apple farm, etc. Kaligandadi rover flows through this area. Except tourism, animal husbandry is major occupation.

Mr. Aas Bahadur Thakali is Chairperson and Ms. Sharmila Gurung is Vice-chairperson of Gharpojhong Rural Municipality. Total number of local representatives is 27. Jomsom bazar is the center of this local unit. Number of employees working under this local unit is 34.