Ghyanglekh Rural Municipality is formed dated 2073/11/27 by Government of Nepal.  The said Rural Municipality is lies in west-northern part of Sindhuli district and formed by combining five then VDCs named Amale, Wastipur, Tamajor, Netrakali and Shantishwari. The office of Ghyanglekh Rural Municipality is 35KM away from headquarter city of Sidhuli District. Similarly, it is 22KM away from Pipal Bhanjyang (place lies in B.P. highway). There are 5 wards with total area 166.77 Sq. KM. The said Rural Municipality is surrounded by Kamalamai Rural Municipality in east, and Kavreplanchowk District in west. Similarly, Sunkoshi Rural Municipality in north and Kamalamai Municipality & Marin Rural Municipality in south. And the total population of the Rural Municipality is 13,761 (male 6,471 & female 7,290) as of Census of Nepal 2011. The total households resides in Ghyanglekh Rural Municipality is 2,457.

The geography of this Rural Municipality includes steep hills as well as plain lands.

Mr. Jagat Bahadur Bholan & Mrs. Durgadevi Sunuwar are the Chairman & Vice-Chairman of this rural municipality respectively.