Goumul Rural Municipality has been situated at Bajura district of Sudur Pashim province. It was established in 2073 B.S. by combining then Dahakot, Manakot and Badimalika Village Development Committees. It is situated at north side to Martadi, headquarter of Bajura district. It is surrounded by Budhinanda Rural Municipality at east, Bajhang district at west, Himali Rural Municipality at north and Badimalika Municipality and Chhededaha Rural Municipality at south. it is least populated local province of Bajura district. At it covers height hills, snowfall area is major land of this local unit. This Rural Municipality has been connected by road transportation recently. It has been divided into six wards. Name of this Rural Municipality was kept after the shape of cow face in local river – where cow is Gou and rivel is Mul.

Total area occupied by Goumul Rural Municipality is 314.66 kilometer square, out of which 37% is covered by forest area, 24% grass area and remaining by residential and butanes area. 10,694 is the total population of this Rural Municipality. More than 12 ethnic groups resides here, out of them Chhetri are dominating groups with 79% population followed by Kami and Sarki. Almost all people speak Nepali language.

Different herbs are available in this Rural Municipality. Among crops, millet, barley and potato are major. Animal husbandry and herbs collection is the major occupation of people in this Rural Municipality.

Mr. Hari Bahadur Rokaya is Chairperson and Ms. Sita Rokaya Thapa is Vice-chairperson of this Rural Municipality. There are 32 local representatives elected in last local election in this Rural Municipality. Ghatmuna village is the center of this local unit.

Source: www.gaumulmun.gov.np