Jan 27, 2022

Doramba Rural Municipality situates north-west part of the Ramechhap district. Doramba Rural Municipality was formed by combining than Daduwa, Doramba, Tokarpur, Gaushowara, Lakhanpur and Gunsi VDCs. The Rural municipality has total area of 140.88 square kilo meter and is divided into 6 wards. Manthali municipality and Dolakha district lie in eastern boarder of Doramba rural municipality, Kavreplanchowk district lies in west part of this rural municipality Sunapati rural municipality and Khandadevi rural municipality cover southern boarder of the rural municipality and Dolakha district comes in northern boarder of Doramba rural municipality.  The geography of this Rural municipality includes steep hills and cold weather. The total population of the municipality is 22,738  consisting male population 10,302 and female population of 12,436 as of Census of Nepal 2011. There are 4,993 households in Doramba rural municipality. The name ‘Doramba’ is related with the Tamang language. In Tamang language ‘Do’ means ‘Duel’ and ‘Ramba’ means ‘Mane’, ‘the holy place to worship the god’. People believes that the name is kept to recognize the holy place to worship the god.

Doramba municipality is the place of indigenous group, mostly Tamang. This rural municipality is historical and touristic place with very religious and natural attraction. Namely Aleshowr, Shailung, Sano-Shailung, Kantheshowr Temple, Bramha, Bishnu etc. The place is made of with some rocky and steep mountain.  Chhauri river, Ghatte river, Dhobi river are major water resource of this rural municipality.

The major occupation of the people residing in Doramba rural municipality is agriculture and livestock. Herbs, yak farming, are the major agri-product of this rural municipality. Chhetri, Bhrahmin, Sherpa, Tamang, Sunuwar, Newar, and Bhujel are the major ethnic group of this municipality. Forest based industry and herbal product are the major economic activities of this rural municipality.

Mr. Kaman Singha Tamang and Mrs. Krisala Ghising are the Chairman and the Vice chairman of the Doramba rural municipality. The rural municipality office is situated in ward no 3 Thapachhaur, Ramechhap.