Dhangadhi Sub-Metropolitan City is located in Kailali District towards the far-western part of the country. Established in 2033 B.S as Dhangadhi Municipality, this local body was promoted to Dhangadhi Sub-Metropolitan City on Ashoj 1, 2072 and became the first sub-metropolitan city in the far-west.

It is located at the altitude of 109 meter from sea-level and 750 kilometers from Kathmandu, capital City of Nepal.

Dhangadhi Sub-Metropolitan City is divided into 19 wards. It is geographically plain and occupies a total area of 271.74 square meter. It is surrounded by Kailari Rural Municipality in the east, Mohana River in the west, Godawari and Gauriganga Municipality in the north and India in the south.

According to the Census 2011, Dhangadhi Sub-Metropolitan City has a total population of 147,741 which makes it 10thbiggest city of Nepal in terms of population.

This sub-metropolis is the main business center of the Province Number 7 and offers opportunities relating to education, health and employment in the region.

Nirpa Bahadur Odd from Nepali Congress and Sushila Mishra Bhatta from the same party were elected Mayor and Deputy Mayor of this sub-metropolis having a total of 19 wards.

Regulated under the Municipal Assembly, the office of this sub-metropolis has 10 divisions including, General Administration, Revenue and Economic, Urban Infrastructure Development, Economic Development, Social Development, Forest, Environment and Disaster Management, Land Management and Building Regulation, Justice, Law and Human Rights Promotion, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation and Information, Communication and Data Management.

The table below shows the current law, procedures and guidelines active in Dhangadhi Sub-metropolitan City.

Table 1. List of laws, procedures and guidelines adopted by Dhangadhi Sub-metropolitan City:

Name of the laws Date of authentication Links
1.     Allocation Act-2076 2076/3/18 Click here
2.     Procedure Regarding Conducting Meeting of Municipal Executive-2074 2074/4/19 Click here
3.     Municipal Executive Work Execution Regulation-2074 2074/4/19 Click here
4.     Work Division Regulation-2074 2074/4/19 Click here
5.     Municipal Assembly Operationalization Procedure-2074 2074/4/19 Click here
6.     Code of Conduct for Office-bearers of Dhangadhi Sub-Municipality-2074 2074/4/19 Click here

Fiscal Profile:

Table on fiscal profile of Dhangadhi Sub-metropolitan City:

Year 2018/19 2019/20 2020/21
Total Budget 1,793,400,000 1,580,448,000 1,638,200,000
Income 138,500,000 171,800,000 199,973,660
Conditional Grants 362,000,000 433,300,000 502,600,000
Special Grants 50,000,000 100,000,000 11,400,000
Equalization Grants 211,121,000 296,700,000 292,000,000
Complementary Grants 50,000,000 10,000,000 25,000,000

Source: http://dhangadhimun.gov.np/ne