Chumanubri Rural Municipality is situated at north part of Gorkha district, Gandaki province. This Rural Municipality was established in 2073 B.S. by combining then Samagaun, Lho, Sitdibas, Prok, Bihi, Chumchet and Chekambar Village Development Committees. This local unit has been categorized into seven wards. This is Tibetian boarder of Nepal. This local level unit is surrounded by Chinese border from north and east, Manang and Lamjung district from west and Ajirkot, Sulikot and Dhanche Rural Municipalities from south. This Rural Municipality is named after Chum valley and Nubri Mountain. Sirdibas is trade center of this rural municipality. This is largest local level unit of Gorkha district.

As per the census 2011, total population of Chumanubri Rural Municipality is 7,417 along with 1,963 households. Ward number three is most populated ward. There are about ten ethnic groups residing under this local unit, among them Tamang and Gurung are majority of ethnic communities constituting 57.33% and 37.45% respectively. Among ten different language speaking people, Tamang constitute 56.6% and Gurung constitute 32%. Most of the people are Buddhist. It covers total area of 1,648.5 kilometer square, which includes high peak mountains, butanes and farm lands. Chum valley and Mount Manaslu are tourism prone areas. Most of the people are involved in farming and tourism. Most of the area is covered by snow, mountain rocks, butanes and farming lands.

Mr. Dhan Bahadur Gurung is Chairperson and Ms. Kunari Gurung is Vice-chairperson of Chumanubri Rural Municipality. Total number of local representatives is 37. Ward number 3, Sirdibas village is center of this Rural Municipality.