Chaurpati Rural Municipality is located at Achham district of Sudur Pashim province, Nepal. It was established in 2073 B.S by combining then Siudi, Sokat, Payal, Lungra, Marku and Duni Village Development Committees. Most of the land lies in mountain area with cold climate and this area is popular for its bio-diversity. This Rural Municipality is residence of many birds and animals including endangered birds and animals. This Rural Municipality is surrounded by Mangalsen Municipality at south-east, Doti district at south-west, Khaptad national park and Safebagar Municipality at north. Name of this Rural Municipality is kept after Chaurpati village.

It covers the area of 182.16 kilometer square and is divided into seven wards. Out of which, 35% of land is covered by forest area, 45% by agricultural land and 11% residential and slope lands. Major occupations of residents of this Rural Municipality are agriculture, animal husbandry and seasonal Indian employment. Major crops of this area include maize, millet, orange, potato, lemon, paddy and wheat. Major animal farming includes buffalo, cow, goat and poultry. Total population is 23,972 which include 5113 households. There are more than 14 ethnic groups residing in this local unit. Brahmin, Chhetri and Dalits are major ethnic groups where Chhetris are dominating ethnic groups with 62% occupancy. Achhami is the dominating language spoken with 92% occupancy. There are 93 educational institutions in this Rural Municipality.

Mr. Harka Bahadur Saaud is Chairperson and Ms. Maya Kunwar is Vice-chairperson of this Rural Municipality. Total number of elected local government representatives is 37. Center of this local level unit is at Chaurpati village, ward number four which is also most populated ward.