Bitthadchir Rural Municipality is situated at south-west part of Bajhang district, Sudur Pashim province. This Rural Municipality was established in 2073 B.S. by combining then Syandi, Deulekh and Sunakunda. It is named after two religious important areas Bitthad and Chir. This Rural Municipality is surrounded by Kedarsyunga Rural Municipality at east, Bungal Municipality at north and Baitadi district at west and south. it has been categorized into nine wards. It is high mountain area with cold weather. It is entry point from Baitadi if people travel through highway, as Jay Prithvi Highway goes towards district headquarter Chainpur through this Rural Municipality.

Population of Bitthadchir Rural Municipality is 17,154. It covers the area of 86.15 kilometer square. Ward number nine is most populated ward followed by one and four. Much of the land is occupied by forest, grass and stone rocks. Nepali is highly spoken language followed by Doteli. Among fifteen ethnic group Chhetri dominates the population followed by Kami and Brahmin. Agriculture and animal husbandry are major occupation. Youths are also attracted towards foreign employment. Literacy rate is 54.5%. Most of the people are Hindu and they celebrate Dashain and Tihar festivals.

Mr. Prem Bahadur Bohara is Chairperson and Ms. Janaki Bohara is Vice-chairperson of this Rural Municipality. Center of this Rural Municipality is Deulekh village. There are 47 local level elected members.