Jan 27, 2022

Bigu Rural Municipality situatesnorthen part of the Dolakha district.Bigu Rural Municipality was formed by combining then Lamabagar, Oranga, Bulung, Laduk, Chilankha, Aalampu, Bigu and Khopachangu VDCs. The Rural municipality has total area of 663.2 square kilo meter and is divided into 8 wards. Gaurishankar rural municipality lies in the east of Bigu Rural municipality. Similarly, this rural municipality is surrounded by Sindhupalchok district in the west, Nepal-China border in the north and Kalinchowk rural municipality in the south. The geography of this Rural municipality includes naturally decorated high hills snowmountains, and cold weather. Bigu  rural municipality has the total population of  18,449 consisting male population 8,846 and female population of 9,603 as of Census of Nepal 2011. There are 4,418 households in Bigu  rural municipality.

The name of ‘Bigu’ is formed after the famous touristic and religious Bigu Gumba. This Bigu rural municipality is rich in water resources, herbs, tourism and natural beauty. National pride project ‘Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower’ (456 MW) is located in this rural municipality. Further,             Singati hydropower (25MW), Bigu gumba, Deudhunga, Baulaha Pokhari, Deulangeshowri Mahadev, Tatopani Kunda, Golma King palace, Thadokhola Mahadev, are the major touristic destination and base for progress of this rural municipality. This rural municipality lies inside the Gaurishankar Conservation area. Caterpillar fungus, Dactylorhiza Hatagirea, Indian Snakeroot, Swertia, Cryptomeria are the major herbs and source of income of this rural municipality. Potato, wheat, corn, rice, millet etc. are the major crops of this rural municipality. Tamang, Sherpa, Newar, Brahamin, Kshetri, etc. are the major ethnic group of this rural municipality.

Mr. Yudhistir Khadka and Mr. Sanjeev Oli are the chairman and vice chairman of the Bigu  rural municipality. The rural municipality office is situated in Laduk, Dolakha.