Beldandi Rural Municipality is situated at mid-south part of Kanchanpur district, Sudur Paschim province. This Rural Municipality lies in 24 kilometer south-east of Mahandranagar, district headquarter. It was established in 2073 B.S. by converting then Beldandi Municipality. This is surrounded by Shuklaphanta National Park in north and west, Belauri Municipality at east and Indian boarder at south. Before forming Municipality it used to be Beldandi and Routeli Bichawa VDCs. This local unit is named after Bengal quince tree Bel trees and height area Danda. It is divided into five wards. It is terai area of extreme west Nepal.

According to the census 2011, total population of Beldandi Rural Municipality is 21,949 which cover 3,760 households. Population of male is 10,240 and female is 11,709. Ward number two is most populated ward followed by ward number three and one. About 55% population is economically active. About ten types of ethnic groups resides in this local unit, out of them Chhetri are largest group constituting 34.1% of total population followed by Brahmin 24% and Tharu 13%. More than five mother tongue are spoken in this local unit, among them largest population speaks Doteli language constituting 27.46% followed by Tharu 24% and Baitadeli 20%. Total area covered by this local unit is 36.7 kilometer square. Many of the land is plain area with forest and agriculture lands. Because of its topography it is favorable for many crops and as it is surrounded by Shuklaphata National Park from two sides it is prone area for tourism. People are involved in Farming, service, trade and foreign employment.

Mr. Dhan Bahadur Chhetri is Chairperson and Ms. Kamala Devi Karki is Vice-chairperson of Beldandi Rural Municipality. Total number of elected local representatives is 27. Total number of employees working in this Rural Municipality is 19.