The geographical area of Baraha Pokhari Rural Municipality is 141.6 sq km. It has a population of 14349 according to census 2011. This rural municipality has six wards. It was formed by merging six former VDCs. It is surrounded by Jantedhuna gaunpalika in the east and Sunkoshi river bordering with Udaypur district in the west and south. In the north Khotehang gaunpalika. Headquarter of this rural municipality is in Saunechaur.    

Baraha pokhari is the natural lake lies here, and the rural municipality named after it. About naming this gaunpalika. It has religious sites as well.

The administrative structure under this rural municipality has five departments. Administrative, Planning and Monitoring Department, Infrastructure Development and Environment Management Department, Social and Economic Development Department, Education, Youth and Sports Department, Internal Audit Unit.       

The Chairperson and Vice chairperson this rural municipality are Shalikram Banjara and Goma Magar respectively.