Arjun Chaupari Rural Municipality is situated at north-west part of Syangja district, Gandaki province. This Rural Municipality was established in 2073 B.S. by combining then Arjun Chaupari, Rapakot, Panchamul, Aaruchaur and  Daraun Village Development Committees. This local level unit is divided into six wards. It is surrounded by Parbat district from west, Putalibazar Municipality from east, Aadhikhola Rural Municipality from north and Bhirkot Municipality from north.  There are number of sayings regarding naming of this local level unit.

Total population of Arjun Chaupari Rural Municipality is 21,375 which include 3,773 households. Population of female is 10,333 and male is 11,045. Average family number is 5.55 members per household, as per the household survey 2074 B.S. Most populated ward is ward number 5 and least populated ward is ward number 3. About fifteen ethnic groups reside here, majority of ethnic community is Brahmin followed by Chhetri and Gurung. Mother tongue of 94% people is Nepali. Literacy rate is 86.5%. This Rural Municipality is connected with road network but there is no gravel road. Helu Bazar situated at Siddhartha Highway is nearby market.  Almost all people have access to electricity. Major occupation is farming with 38% involvement followed by foreign employment and trade. Paddy, wheat, maize and millet are major crops. Total area covered by this local level unit is 57.22 kilometer square. Most of the land is surrounded by forest, mountains and rocks.

Mr. Dirgha Narayan Aryal is Chairperson and Ms. Chin Maya Gurung is Vice-chairperson of Arjun Chaupari Rural Municipality. Number of locally elected representatives is 32. Number of employees working is 24. Center of this local level unit is at ward number one.