Api Himal Municipality is situated at west side of Darchula district, Sudur Pashim province. it was established in 2073 B.S. by combining then Khandeswori, Ghusa, Guljar and Shitola Village Development Committees. It is surrounded by Bajhang district at east, Naugad Rural Municipality at west, Marma Rural Municipality at south and Vyas Rural Municipality at north. It is 23 kosh far from district headquarter and still road access is not available. It is named after the Api Mountain which is 7,132 meter tall. Other then Api, Nampa, Kapchuli and Jethi Bahurani are other mountains under this Rural Municipality. It covers hill and mountain area with cold weather. Most of the places are covered by snow throughout the year. This Rural Municipality is divided into six wards.

Total population of Api Himal Rural Municipality is 7,688 among them 3,786 are female and 3902 male. Number of household is 1208 as per the census 2011. Popular religious places like Chhetti and Ghajir and 15 day long Shurma Jatra (exhibit) are religious and cultural heritage of Api Himal Rural Municipality. There are 16 ethnic communities residing in this Rural Municipality. Chhetri are dominating population followed by Brahmins. Chhetteli(regional Nepali) language is the mother tongue of most of the people.

Agriculture and animal husbandry are major occupations followed by foreign employment, herb collection and service. It is the home place of auspicious and endangered herbs and animals. Major crops of this area are barley, wheat, millet, marshi paddy, potato, buckwheat, beans and apple. Most of the land is covered by forest, grass, rock and mountains. Literacy rate of this Rural Municipality is 75%.

Mr. Dharmananda Shingh Manyal is Chairperson and Ms. Urmila Bohara is Vice-chairperson of Api Himal Rural Municipality. Center of this local unit is on ward number four. Total number of elected representatives from local election is 32.

Source: www.apihimalmun.gov.np