Alital Rural Municipality is situated at south-east part of Dadeldhura district, Sudur Paschim province. This Rural Municipality is named after the beautiful lake Alital located here. It was established in 2073 B.S. by combining then Gangkhet and Alitaal Village Development Committees. This local unit is surrounded by Doti and Kailali districts at east, Parshuram Municipality at west, Amargadhi Municipality and Bhageswori Rural Municipality at north and Kailali district at south. This local level has been divided into eight wards.

Total population of this Rural Municipality is 14,129 as per the census 2011. Total population of male is 8,347 and female is 7,777. 69% people speak Doteli language and remaining 12% speak Nepali and 7% Magar. Chhetri are major population followed by Brahmin and Magar. Most of the people are involved in agriculture and animal husbandry. Literacy rate is 79% and 66% of total households have access to electricity. Average life expectancy is 57 years. Ward number three is most populated ward followed by ward number eight and one. Total area covered is 298.84 kilometer square. Most of the area is covered by forest, mountains and rocks. This area has enormous possibility of tourism as Alital is largest lake of Sudur Paschim province and it has been listed in Samsara Area.

Mr. Bal Bahadur Gurung is Chairperson and Ms. Jala Kumari Bista Bogati is Vice-chairperson of Alital Rural Municipality. Headquarter is located at ward number 5. Number of elected local representatives is 42. Number of employees working under Rural Municipality office are 42.