Agnisair Krishnasawaran Rural Municipality is situated at mid-north part of Saptari district, province number two. This Rural Municipality was established 2073 B.S. by combining then Jandaul, Prasawani, Sitapur, Haripur and Bakadhuwa Village Development Committees. This local unit is surrounded by Rupani Rural Municipality from east, Kanchanpur Municipality and Tirahut Rural Municipality from west, Rajbiraj Municipality and Mahadeva Rural Municipality from south and Udayapur district from north. This was named after the Hindu temple Agnisair which is destination for many devotees and two Farmers Kisan Yadav and Sawaran Yadav who came here and dies as per the ancient story. Kaili river flowing through this area flows south to north. This unit has been categorized into six wards. It include plain land with hot weather.

As per the household survey 2074 B.S., total population of this Rural Municipality is 29,483 covering 5,269 households. Population of male is 15,128 and female is 14,355. Ward number four is most populated ward. There are about 18 different ethnic groups residing under this local unit out of them Tharu, Muslim, Yadav and Sadaya are major ethnic communities. This local unit covers total area of 103.1 kilometer square. Most of the land is covered by forest and farming area. Maithali is major language spoken followed by Tharu, Urdu and Nepali. Farming is major occupation under this area. Paddy, maize, wheat and mustard are major crops that could be cultivated.

Mr. Parshuram Chaudhary is Chairperson and Ms. Mina Chaudhary is Vice-chairperson of this Rural Municipality. Number of local representatives of this local unit is 32 and number of employees working under this Rural Municipality is 45. Sitapur village is center of this local unit.