Aarughat Rural Municipality is situated at mid-east of Gorkha district, Gandaki province. This Rural Municipality was established in 2073 B.S. by combining then Aaruchanaute, Aarupokhari, Aaruarbang, Maanbu and Thumi Village Development Committees. Situated on the western bank of Budhi Gandaki River, this local unit is surrounded by Dhading district from east, Dharche Rural Municipality from north, Sulikot Rural Municipality from west and Bhimsen Rural Municipality from south. This has been divided into ten wards. This Rural Municipality is named after Arughat bazaar, which was the trade center for the people of Dhading and Gorkha as the ancient business trail to Tibet passed through the area. Geographically the topography is difficult as the rural municipality lies in lesser himalayan region that consists of hard unfossiliferous rocks. The rural road network has touched almost all the wards however, most of the roads are earthern and fair weather roads. This covers total area of 160.79 kilometer square.

The total population of the rural municipality as per the CBS, National Census 2011 (2068 B.S.) is 23887. The population density as such is found to be 148 person per sq. km. Farming, tourism and trade are major occupation of the residence here. Paddy, wheat, millet, and potato are major crops favorable for this topography. Population of male is 10,639 and female is 13,245. There are about 19 ethnic communities residing here, among them Chhetri, Brahmin and Baramo are major populations. Residence speak about 11 languages, Nepali and Gurung are major languages among them.

Mr. Purna Bahadur Dahal is Chairperson and Ms. Kalpana Nepali is Vice-chairperson of Aarughat Rural Municipality. Aaru Chanaute village is the center of this local unit. Total number of elected local representatives is 52.