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After a long deliberation, Nepal adopted new constitution on 20th September 2015. This Constitution has transformed the erstwhile unitary and centralized system with a new form of federal governance. With constitutionally assigned state power, three orders of government- federal, provincial and local- are exercising constitutional authority. This new form of governance is expected to deliver ‘sustainable peace, good governance, development and
prosperity’ with more cohesive and synergistic approaches among federal, provincial and local government. In order to make this system functional and deliver constitutional commitments, concurrent activities of learning and growth would require in a systematic manner. There are several efforts being carried out by different governmental and non-governmental organizations. In response to felt need of consolidating and providing archival knowledge-base for easy navigation and study to interested audience and stakeholders for successful implementation of federalism, this Federalism Knowledge-Base has been brought into public access. The Federalism Knowledge-Base provides following services:

  • Archive relevant knowledge resources on federalism in one platform
  • Assemble websites of entities working on federalism in one platform
  • Acquire resources on federalism
  • Provide platform to share knowledge product on federalism and wider dissemination

The Nepal Administrative Staff College (NASC) is a national level autonomous institution established on 27th September, 1982 (11 Aswin, 2039 BS) under the Nepal Administrative Staff College (NASC) Act, 1982. In order to support the government and other public entities for implementation of federalism, Centre for Federalism Studies (CFS) a dedicated branch of Nepal Administrative Staff College (NASC) has been established in 2020.The CFS is primarily mandated for conducting research and knowledge production activities in the areas of federal affairs, design and implement capacity development program, create forums to convene key stakeholders of public sector governance from all federal, provincial and local levels to share and make common understanding on issues of federalism.
The Centre for Federalism Studies as a new endeavor started Federalism Knowledge Base which has been started as a one stop gateway to host diverse array of scholarly reports, historical documents on themes especially on Nepal’s federalism and sub-national government. The website ensures the store of relevant documents and plays an important role in bringing together scholars, practitioners, researchers in the field of federalism by helping them find important documents, and reports. For meaningful presence and achievement of its purpose, we envision this knowledge base to be a collective and collaborative effort of all stakeholders, academicians and researchers working in this area. We would be happy to engage and leverage the resources and inputs from all the stakeholders engaged in this area.
The website helps to ensure the preservation of information in an archive for future researchers, historians and the public.

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